When You Cannot Feel Him

Have you ever felt like God was far away? Like He couldn’t hear you? It makes you desperate, doesn’t it? You cry out, “Oh God, where am I? Am I yours? Am I Yours? Can I be separated from You? I do not know if you hear me! I do not know if I’m in the right place or not! Can I hear from You again?”

What it must have been like for Adam and Eve, to have known You and then to become separated from you. Even their son was cut off from you by his own choice. Yet You were gracious to them. You gave them Seth. And something different happened:

Genesis 4:26

At that time men began to invoke the Lord by name.

They began to call You by a name; they began to proclaim the name of “Yahweh”.

[Yahweh Yehovah (Strong’s 3068) the self-existent or Eternal; Jewish national name of God.]

You cry out to God, “You have looked after me all my life, for every breath, every heartbeat. And now I cannot feel you, I think I cannot hear you. There has to be something You want me to learn from this.” What would God want you to learn from pulling back His presence? Could it be a test of your faith?

Maybe it’s immediate obedience. Maybe it’s to call on Him alone. Maybe it’s to not allow our heart to stay angry and unforgiving. Whatever it is, we can only beg Yahweh, to be merciful.

He is the Creator, the eternal One, He knows all things! If this is a test of faith know that while you walk through it, you should remain faithful, and keep looking for what He wants you to learn. Also know you are not alone, even Mother Theresa and many other giants of the faith have gone through such a time.

Ask yourself, is it wise of me to trust my feelings in this moment? Or should I simply trust in the Word already spoken to me by my Father?

Pray this prayer, “Dear Father, You know ALL things! You know what’s making this separation. I beg You remove it!!! I am begging! I am sorry for my sin, I’m sorry for wanting You to be a vending machine. If this is a test of my faith, I pray that I remain faithful to You alone and help me to stand on the knowledge and wisdom of your word, trusting it before I dare trust my feelings. I just beg Your presence to be back in my life, have mercy on me Lord!! Let a new thing happen, a new song be planted in my heart and a new blessing arise from this hard time. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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